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Why can't Microsoft compete without buying the outcome of the game? Are their products that poor?

Yeah, mostly, but that's irrelevant. They do have a few good products, but that's also irrelevant to sales.

Microsoft's entire history, and IBM's for the previous decodes, demonstrates quite well that sales in any computer-related field are determined almost entirely by marketing budget. Quality is nice, but it doesn't add materially to sales, so if you have the marketing clout, there's no financial reason to also invest heavily in quality.

Sorry to break the news to you. The best product doesn't win. The best-marketed product wins.

There's no (financial) reason that MS should care whether OOXML is good or bad. Their primary concern is that people use it, and this only requires that it be minimally usable. Investing what is for them a small amount to get their encoding declared a "standard" is just a (standard;-) marketing approach, and it would be puzzling if they didn't do it.
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