svētdiena, marts 11, 2007

Slashdot teksti #2

It's strange to be a Free software advocate working in the "closed software" world. I've mostly spent my time just trying to understand what makes "closed software" tick. In the end, these companies are trying to win the lottery (and if they already have, they are trying to turn the lottery into their own private mint that churns out tonnes of cash on demand). They spend money up front and are looking for a return down the other side. Generally speaking they aren't particularly interested in "building a business" -- i.e. creating a stable revenue flow and making a living off of it.

Especially with small companies, there is a need to generate some "worth" in the non-people aspects of a company. After investing $2-10 million up front, they are looking to sell the company (not the software) for $100 million to $1 billion. You can't sell a team of people for that kind of money (or so they think -- in other industries people pay significantly more for a portfolio of satisfied customers). "Owning" all the non-people assets of the company is paramount to their strategy. Using open source or Free software to reduce costs is not an attractive position for them.
Tik patiesi. Paldies wrook iekš to slash un dot par šo komentāru.

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