otrdiena, maijs 23, 2006

Small technical tip: Mac OS X Address Book and it's handling of foreign VCards, e.t. from Novell Evolution

Problem is with it, that Address Book, as very good app in it's field, can't automatically manage coding of Vcards, which are usually Unicode, but by default AB tries to use Western Roman Apple variant, which causes big trouble and gives impression that export is buggy. Problem can be easily solved, just launch Address Book, choose in menu Address Book => Preferences => VCard, and there set correct version of VCard, and encoding.

This helped me to export my contacts from Novell Evolution (version 2.6.1) to Address Book just fine, only it ignored additional fields as X-EVOLUTION-FILE-AS and others, putting them in Notes field. At positive side I would like to point out that picture of record were imported perfectly.